What are modular houses?

Modular houses are modern construction solutions for modern thinking people.

How modular houses are built? Modular houses are manufactured in factories from special construction modules. In the factory assembles building walls, floors, ceilings and other details, obtaining visually good-looking module in a ready stage. Our experience shows that 95% of buildings in factory we prepare till maximal readiness and we are delivering them to places where these buildings need to stand.

What is the process of placing communication and decoration works? Also that all we already prepare in factory: buildings there are being equipped with heat isolation materials both for outside facade and inner room decoration, electric installation is being pulled in, also ventilation, conditioning system, and other necessary communications are set up. While module is still in factory, it is being equipped with water pipes and drainpipes, plumbing, heating system and even built-in kitchen furniture if this house is provided for that.

For what kind of places modular houses are appropriate? They are appropriate for every geographical and climatic conditions. They are energetic effective from the view of heating and in the same time they are well appropriate for warm weather. Modular houses are easy to place also in geographical complicated environment.

How to transfer modular house to the provided place? It is easy to transfer a ready module – you just need to have a place, substructure of building or ready other building surfaces, where to place module, and our specialists with an appropriate transport will deliver it to right place and also will take care of its placing and preparation for use, connecting building to water system and sewerage system, and also to electric supply. Modular houses meet all sanitary and fire security requirements.

Advantages of modular houses? Size of standard module is 6 x 2.5 m with outside high 3.2 m that allows transferring it in an easy way. In that way, it is easy to transform it and transfer it to another place. In construction process, modules are being combined in various ways, implementing customer`s even the most audacious idea to stage of readiness.

What is being constructed from modules? Range of modular houses is very wide: starting with small public buildings that might even be toilettes or auxiliary rooms to ambitious manufacturing premises and many storied buildings. Popular modular houses are small mobile offices, administrative and home buildings, hostels, camping, guest houses, showers and sanitary systems, medical points, trade kiosks or markets, guard houses, pass points, wide factories and even many storied buildings. In recent years, very popular become modular private houses and also garden houses and summer cottages. And  just as good it can be also kindergartens.