We want to break stereotypic view that modular buildings are tasteless container type boxes without their individuality! That is why we offer modules for different needs: from simply guard house to complicated many-storied complex. We perform accordingly to clients wishes both for standard and individual solution and for industrial and private needs.

Industrial models

In our offered industrial modules class are all those things that are necessary for your business premises, starting from simple guard house, wardrobe, shower and sanitary facilities to office buildings and different size production premises and warehouses.

Advantage of our offer – variety in sizes and usability.

By looking at clients’ wishes and needs, we offer also complex solutions, completing under one roof all necessary premises: office, production unit, recreation and others. In cases of necessity we are offering fully assembled furniture.

Living modules

Living house that is made from modules is solution of modern living environment for modern people. Construction of such houses releases clients from long, complicated and time-consuming architectural solutions. We are offering buildings from modern and safe materials, modern solutions and in that way obtaining for wholesome living environment adequate fast result. We produce also furniture.

In the class of living modules we are offering all necessary equipment, starting from small recreation houses, camping and different size private houses to terraced houses and many-storied buildings.

There are available both standard projects and their individual solution elements, and a possibility to find out clients wishes, to manufacture modular houses by clients’ needs and plans. We involve professional cooperation partners for projection, output of designing and territory planning and implementation of this plan.

Various solutions

By offering to clients our manufactured modular houses, we do not exclude various individual solutions, cooperating with specialists of leading building, environmental planning and projection.

In the class of various solutions we invite to have a look at life: private, business and recreation environment from fast, nowadays and modern solutions viewpoint. Sports clubs, bathhouses, car services, shops, cafes, kiosks and many different buildings that are implemented using complete modules and combining them in various assemblies and versions, will make your life more dynamical. There are always possibilities of transformation if you have chosen to move your building to some other place.

We pay great attention on our manufactured modules adjustment in respective environment.

VIA-S modular houses modular houses:

  • Fast construction
  • Low prices
  • Cheap exploitation
  • Standard and nonstandard solutions
  • Variety in solution of decoration
  • Fire-resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Harmless for life
  • 5 years guarantee for structural construction