Understanding modern dynamic life rhythm, we are offering to our clients’ wide modular and its equipment rent for private, business, manufacture, recreation and other needs both in short term and long term.

Standard product

We are offering to rent modules and their equipments solutions for every need. In rent are available different standard modules, from which is possible to choose a suitable version and solution.

Special projects

Every clients needs are commensurable with our offered options. Understanding that not always are suitable standard modules, we are offering suitable versions. Looking at clients needs, we are performing adjustments and manufacturing modules, adapting them to clients’ special wishes and needs. Your ideas - our solutions for various nonstandard cases after individual agreement.

For inspiration

In cases, when you know, what do you want, but you luck of ideas to implement your needs, our creative s

pecialists together with leading cooperation partners and knowledgeable specialists in projection, construction and environmental adaption, will find you the most acceptable version.

VIA-S modular houses modular houses:

  • Fast construction
  • Low prices
  • Cheap exploitation
  • Standard and nonstandard solutions
  • Variety in solution of decoration
  • Fire-resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Harmless for life
  • 5 years guarantee for structural construction