Design of modular houses

From an idea to a ready product. From the most audacious idea to ready product – this is our slogan and aim. When we have agreed on project and its solution, from client we need just one thing – to know, where to place building. To not overburden client with unnecessary problems, our specialists will take care of the rest. Our specialists, ready and already in production unit completed modules, deliver to their planned locations and place according to all clients wishes, and also to sanitary, environmental and fire-resistant requirements. Our experience shows that 95% of all our in company ready modular houses, we are assembling in factory.

New. Based on clients’ wishes, we can furnish the ready building with our subsidiary company "VIA-S Furniture" manufactured furniture. This is something new that we are offering to our clients from 2014.

Comfort. If there is a need, modular house is easy to transform and move to some other place.

We present with popular modular standard equipment and technical solutions.